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Toné Compito Wellington
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Sponsorship Director

Victor Wooten’s Music Nature Camp
Administrative Staff - since 2001

Anthony Wellington’s Bassology
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Accuracy Basses USA - USA sales

Adamovic Basses - USA Sales Rep

F Basses - Sales Rep, MD/DC/VA


Title Max LLC
Contracted Licensed Settlement Agent

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A little about me

I am a native of New York City and honestly never thought I’d leave there.  I had a love of the culture, the music scene, the theater, and the diversity of the city itself.  It was the great melting pot of society and the 70’s were an interesting era to be a part of while growing up, that’s for certain.  But I left there in 1984, with my 4 year old daughter, Shauna, so I could raise her in a more relaxed environment.  She and I stayed in Pennsylvania for 18 years, and then wound up in the Maryland/DC area in 2002 after I partnered with musician, bass teacher extraordinaire, Anthony Wellington, whom I had met through our mutual friend, Victor Wooten. 

Although I mainly had been making my living in the title industry for many years as a licensed Title Insurance Agent, my passion has been music ever since I can remember. I'm teaching piano to beginners of all ages part time and my method is to teach "music", not just the old school classical approach or reading music well. Some of you know me from the music community – I try to stay as involved and connected as I can to my true love in life, music. So I do what I can to support my “music family” however I can. I have been part of the administrative staff at the Victor Wooten Bass/Nature Camps since 2001. I enjoy helping out there so much that I’ve been known to take all my vacation time to spend “working” at Wooten Woods!

I also am acting manager for Anthony Wellington, world renowned touring bassist, clinician and owner of Bassology, a private music school.  He’s one of the most amazing talents, teachers and inspirations I’ve ever known and supporting him in any way I can is a lifelong commitment. I have the privilege of being part of the staff at Gerald Veasley’s Bass Boot Camps since 2009. I sure do surround myself with the best of the best!

My most recent project is as sponsorship director for NoTreble.com! I’m excited to be a part of the greatest online bass publication that is read by bass players and fans of the ‘low end’ all over the world.  I look forward to what the future holds moving ahead with them.

In 2013 I began distributing bass custom bass guitars.  I started by representing Accuracy Basses, a custom bass company from Menorca, Spain. I’ll am the regional rep for the US and Canada.  You can get to their link from the Bass page here on the site and check out their incredible instruments!

As of 2014 I also added Adamovic custom basses to the list.  These are fabulous hand made custom basses made in the Netherlands by Nikola Adamovic.  You can find more information about them on the links on my bass page.

Along with that, I am distributing basses for FBass out of Hamilton, Canada.  These exquisite instruments are a joy to play and I’m proud to be able to represent them as well.

I only gig sporadically at this time, but...you never know what the future holds. I love to ride motorcycles (only in the fair weather, of course). I’ll be starting a blog to keep you updated on current happenings, so check that out as time goes on!  Thanks for checking out my website.   - Ciao!

“Toné Wellington and I have worked together for nearly fifteen years in different aspects of the music business.  She has also worked as an administrator and organizer of my music and nature camps for just as long.  Toné is smart, organized, competent, and honest.  I highly recommend her as an asset to anyone looking to better their business.”  - Victor Wooten, world renowned bassist for Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, founder of Victor Wooten Center for Music & Nature

“Toné works tirelessly and continually to ensure that I stay as busy as possible without me having to think about any administrative details of my business at all.  She’s played a large part in my success as a musician and a music teacher.”  - Anthony Wellington, international touring artist, clinician and owner of private teaching institution, Bassology